Bulletproof Your Business - 6 Month Accelerator


Hi there!
I am Yvonne Heimann, Business Efficiency Consultant here at Ask Yvi.

When I lost my business partner, mentor, and husband to cancer in 2015 - and nearly everything I had work s hard for with it - I decided that was it. And I set out to Bulletproof my Business.

There is so much "what you should do" advice out there and if tried it all... till I figured out a structure that builds the foundation for a Bulletproof Business.

And now it's time to really follow my passion, making sure no one else ever has to worry about their business when life gets tough.

starting 08/01/2019 

Clarify Your Focus & Goals
Observe & Organize Your Day-to-Day
Adjust & Advance Your Processes
Streamline Your Workflows
Transform Your Business